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Tasks and meals

10:15am > Different activities

Each nun has her own task to do. We don’t always do the same thing there is rotation.

begining of the sweeping

On the contrary there are some tasks which are done only by elder nuns as cooking or buying food.

middle of the sweeping en of the sweeping

Today we sweep the yard.

nuns' robes under the sun

nuns after the robes washingLuckily the washing has been done by others.

But we won’t get out of it next week.




Watering the plants... We could this every day, night and day just for pleasure!

watering of the plants

Lastly we light a wood fire to heat up the water.

making the fire to boil the water

11:15am > Meal

soap for the bathBefore going to eat, we have a good fresh shower (in Burma you almost never have hot water).

There is nothing like this to feel cool and to be in great shape.

We eat silently. That helps us to keep a noble attitude and to pay attention to what we do.

Most of the time we have rice and vegetables and sometimes a bit of meat or fruits, it depends of what has been given to us during the collection. It is rare when we have sweets. We do without it very well because we are not in habit of eating them. Moreover it is not good for your health.


12:00pm > Repos

After the meal, we sometimes have a nap, but not always.

Sister L. taking rest Sister K. taking rest Sister S. taking rest

If the elders are asleep, we take the opportunity to play our favourite game: hopscotch.


When you play, time always passes too fast!

action in the game

01:00pm > Study

After we spend the whole afternoon studying and revising our lessons, but we do it on our own, without a teacher.

Sister L. read her lessons

Sister K. read her lessons

Sister S. read her lessons

We repeat tirelessly texts in pali on Buddhism teachings until we know them by heart.

That allows us of storing up precious knowledge that we will be able, someday, to pass on to the others.

3 nuns studying outside

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