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Study, meditation

8:00am > Study

The days without collection, so five days a week, we begin to study in the morning from 6:00am till 10:00am and in the afternoon from 1:00pm till 5:00pm In fact as we are in a studying place except different tasks we constantly study.

nuns studying

We especially study the dhamma teachings. To us, there is nothing more important, because it is that which make us understand the advantages of our virtuous life, what is truly reality and how to end with everything that make us suffer respecting at best all our background.

nun studyingTo have a good general knowledge we also study some general subjects such as grammar, mathematics or geography.

In the morning, we study with a nun; a teacher qualified to hand the dhamma teachings down to us. Our teacher is also the mother superior of the xxxconvent. She makes us learn by heart each text and explain us in detail each point, until we have completely understood.

nuns with nun professor

10:00am > Meditation

We meditate a little during the day but not more than ten or fifteen minutes.

nuns in meditation

Sister Sucárí in meditation« It is hard to stay concentrated on your belly movements. I manage to meditate for ten seconds but after that I think about lots of things. »

Sister Kundala Kesí in meditation« I also canít succeed in concentrating as I have to. I think to lots of things I like. But it is told that the more you meditate the less thoughts you have. »

Sister Lábavatí in meditation« When I close my eyes, I immediately want to sleep. But it is not possible, because we have a straight back and you canít lean against something; if you fall asleep, you fall! Sometimes I have too many thoughts to be able to meditate. Then when I stay sitting without doing any movement breathing quietly at least it calms me down and I have a rest. »

3 nuns in meditation

Our elders tell that it is normal not to succeed in meditating from the start.

Sister Sucari in meditation Sister Kundala in meditation Sister Labavati in meditation

Even if it is not easy, it is good to practice from time to time. When you want to meditate seriously you can go in meditation centre where itís the only thing you do all day.

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